Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Confidentially Speaking

Confidentiality is a critical component of a partnership agreement (Killion, Harrison, Bryan, & Clifton, 2012) or philosophy (Knight, 2007). The work in and surrounding coaching conversations is held confidential by all professionals involved This is a critical part of building and maintaining a trusting, professional relationship. Rita Bean and Diane DeFord write,

"Coaches who talk about what they have seen in classrooms or what they think about a specific teacher will not be welcomed as a colleague. Coaches must maintain confidentiality, not only in talking with teachers but also in their conversations with administrators. Coaches who are seen as a 'snitch' have difficulty convincing teachers that they are there as colleagues to support instruction. Word spreads quickly!" (p. 2).

At this blog, we:
  • maintain confidentiality.
  • discuss our work in ways that maintain respect and dignity for the colleagues we work with and places we work in.
Each contributor independently decides the amount of details he/she is comfortable sharing with our online community.

Each contributor respects the confidentiality of his/her clients, students, school, and district. Names may be changed and/or details may be modified to respect confidentiality.

Note. Comments have been disabled on this post because the intention of the post is to explain how we do business around The Literacy Booth.