Thursday, April 13, 2017

Study Groups with Jennifer Allen

Julie Schwartzbauer contributed this post. Click here for more of Julie's thinking.

I recently attended a professional development with Jennifer Allen. Jennifer is a literacy coach and professional developer. You may be familiar with her book Becoming a Literacy Leader or A Sense of Belonging. Jennifer uses a layered coaching framework. At the workshop I attended, Jennifer focused on coaching through Study Groups. If you are not familiar with the term Study Groups, think Book Study.

Though Jennifer typically has four different study groups running from October - April, you may want to start with just one or two. Jennifer meets with each group once per month, for an hour at a time. Her study group budget includes the book, office supplies and food. Jennifer purchases fun office supplies as study group giveaways and everyone appreciates food.

During the study group, Jennifer uses a detailed protocol/agenda that encourages participants to move through the hour quickly and accomplish everything they set out to. She reminds us not to exhaust every idea. “Leave teachers wondering,” says Allen.

I have included the protocol for Study Groups below or click here.

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