Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Literacy Essential Practice Guides

In Read, Write, Lead (ASCD, 2014), Regie Routman advocates for a school's articulation of shared beliefs in reading and writing. 

However, belief statements are broad, philosophical, and sometimes value-based. These statements alone will not improve student learning. We must take classroom-level actions based that align with our belief statements.

The The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators recently formed an early literacy task force who drafted "Essential Instructional Practices" guides for prekindergarten and kindergarten to grade 3. (Nell Duke explains more in a blog post for the International Literacy Association.)

You might also be interested in What Works Clearinghouse's Educator's Practice Guide about reading foundational skills.

How do these practices align with your belief statements?
How do these practices align with your current practices?

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