Thursday, March 9, 2017

Coaching Cycle Protocol

Heather Zimmerman contributed this post. Click here for more of Heather's thinking.
This is part of a series of posts about writing coaching cycles, which include examples from several disciplines.

How many of you sometimes feel as if you spend more time putting out fires or doing quick coaching in the hallway during passing time?  This year our district implemented the idea of coaching cycles in grades 6-12 that focused on writing and gradual release of responsibility.  

This is how my middle school approached the initiative:
  • Everyone will meet with a coach
  • 6 week cycles
  • Meet for 20 minutes once a week.  Could be longer if needed for planning in place of the following week.
  • Work on something related to our school goal- writing.
  • Teachers met individually with a coach. If it worked, teacher could meet as a group, but due to schedules that rarely worked.

Here is the protocol sheet (created by me and my school’s IST or Instructional Support Teacher - Tom Anfinson) that was used to help organize and track time with teachers.  Click here.

Here are questions from an optional Google form after the cycle had ended:

I loved having the more formal cycles.  It really helped to meet with everyone and the feedback has been positive from the teachers who submitted the optional form.

How does your school approach coaching cycles?  Share any resources down below!

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